What Makes You You

What makes you you? It is your unique experience during your life but not only that, it is your heritage, your family. It is not only about what you have done, it is about where you have come from. It is the books you have read, the people you have met, the opportunities that you have taken and the ones you haven’t.

All of this together is what makes you you. So do you know who you are? I didn’t and still don’t but I know a bit more than I did. Something I have done recently made me a lot more interested in this.

DNA Testing

23andMe is a DNA testing service, they send you a kit and they need a saliva sample which then you send off. You get an online report back that tells you if you are at risk of certain diseases and other conditions. While I found this interesting, what I found fascinating was how it could tell what your ancestry is.

The website gives you your Ancestry Composition and a map that shows you where you have come from. It also gives you an Ancestry Timeline that allows you to see how far back in time this ancestry comes from. It really makes you think how small the chances that you would be born are and how connected you are to people across the world.

I enjoyed the “Your DNA Family” section which shows you people who share some identical segments of DNA with you. It shows how part of you is shared between people in different countries. Also how these people have a shared ancestry with you.

So have a look and see if you want to learn a bit more about where you have come from. Also the connections you have with the people who live near you and also with other people across the world.

What makes you you

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