Podcasts and Thinking Differently…

As mentioned in my previous post, Podcasts are a great way to access free content from some of the world’s experts in various fields.


My favourite app for listening to Podcasts is Pocket Casts (Android / iPhone), it does cost a small amount of money but I have found it gives me the best user experience and it has a great Discover section so I can see what other Podcasts are available that I might enjoy.

Podcasts and “Think Differently…at least a little”

I find that Podcasts help me follow a personal motto that I have which is “Think Differently…at least a little” which means don’t throw away all the knowledge and experience that you have when approaching difficult problems or facing new opportunities but always try and think a bit differently than most people would. Or more simply try and nudge yourself away from thinking the same as everyone else.

As discussed previously, the Tim Ferriss podcast is one of these but another one of these is the Freakonomics podcast.


Two people, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, are behind the books that lead to the Podcast. Their first book, Freakonomics, started it off where they use Economics in a different way than most people would expect. They use it to look at crack dealers, cheating teachers and bizarre baby names. They then published SuperFreakonomics which was pretty much a direct sequel using Economics to find the hidden side of everything.

Podcasts - Freakonomics

The most recent book, Think Like a Freak, is the one that I have found the most useful in my quest to “Think Differently…at least a little”. As it is more of a ‘how-to’ guide of how to think differently and challenge conventional wisdom. One of the main points I took from the book was to “Think like a child” and how this allows you to come up with better ideas and questions.

Podcasts - Think Like a Freak

Again you don’t need to spend money and buy the books straight away, have a listen to the free podcasts see if you like what you hear and go from there.


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