Best Motivational Books of 2017 – Top 3

Best Motivational Books

These 3 books are the best motivational books I have read in 2017. They are not just about motivating me to get out there and do something but also what is behind my motivation and how I can keep going with difficult tasks. As an extra, I have after each mini-review a section on how, for free, you can see if you might like the book or not. Also clicking on the book cover will take you to Amazon where you can read further reviews.

Emotional Agility by Susan David – Best Motivational Books

This book introduced me to a new concept of “Emotional Agility” and how people with a high level of Emotional Agility are able to deal stresses and setbacks in a more effective way than others would. What I like about this book is it gives practical advice that is backed by scientific research. The book talks about how to gain control over your emotions and how to unhook yourself from unhelpful patterns in your thoughts and behaviours.

How can I see if I like it for free?

If you visit her website,, there is currently an offer to receive a free chapter of the book if you sign up for her newsletter. There is also an free quiz on Emotional Agility that you can complete that will give you a free report on how to become more Emotionally Agile.

Best Motivational Books - Emotional Agility - Susan David

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday – Best Motivational Books

As the title suggests this book discusses the ego and how it can be a powerful opponent to achievement. Ryan uses a wide range of examples from many different areas such as literature, philosophy and history to show you how dangerous your ego can be. It is a great insight into humility and how in today’s world that can easily be forgotten. Again I like how practical the book is and helps you get a great insight into not only yourself but others as well.

How can I see if I like it for free?

You can hear Ryan read a chapter from this book on the Tim Ferriss podcast. The chapter is called “What’s Important to You?” and it is episode 179. As you may have read on here, I am a big fan of Tim Ferriss and podcasts! Also Ryan has appeared on an earlier episode, episode 4, if you want to listen to some more.

Best Motivational Books - Ego is the Enemy - Ryan Holiday

Mindset by Carol Dweck – Best Motivational Books

This book was originally published in 2006, the updated edition that I have read was published in 2017. It is a really fascinating book that looks at our mindset, fixed or growth. This mindset can make a big difference to our achievements. It is not just our talent and abilities but how we look at them and believe we attained them. It made me think about how I give praise. As Carol discusses how praising ability and intelligence may actually jeopardise success. A really good book that made me look at motivation in a completely different way. It is not just focussed on managing other people but also yourself and your children.

How can I see if I like it for free?

Carol has given a TED talk on “The power of believing that you can improve“. Have a watch and see if you like the ideas and style that Carol is using. This will give you a good insight if you will like the book or not.

Best Motivational Books - Mindset - Carol DweckWhat are your Best Motivational Books?

These are my Best Motivational Books but what do you think? Are there other books that you think are better than these? Please let me know in the comments.