Improve Yesterday to Make a Better Tomorrow

“Improve yesterday to make a better tomorrow” is a tactic that I have been using recently where I take a few minutes to think back on what went well and not so well during the previous day.  From this look back, I then write down on the pad I always have with me, 3 to 5 of the most major points that I would like to change. This can be both positive and negative e.g. doing more of something or less of something.


  1. Find somewhere you can have some peace and quiet, I find the best time to do this is after I have done some meditation.
  2. I then close my eyes and re-live the previous day
  3. Do not write anything down until you have finished looking back at the day
  4. You can then write down 3 to 5 concise statements on what you could improve or do more of (I find any less than 3 it doesn’t work as well and more than 5 is too much to focus on)
  5. Once you have written the statements, the next step is to re-live the day in your mind but this time imagine the day as if you had made the changes you have written down

Improve yesterday to make a better tomorrow

It is that simple, what I like to do is write a date on the piece of paper and then look back at it, both a week and a month later and see if I anyone of those changes that I found have stuck. I had previously tried doing this without the re-visualization part and found that hardly any of the changes ever stuck. With the visualization, I find remembering and actioning the statements a lot easier and much more successful. Give it a go and let me know if it works for you.

Improve Yesterday for a Better Tomorrow


Some people have a very negative view of meditation but it is surprising the number of ‘successful’ people do some form of it. It doesn’t have to be chanting and serenity.  Meditation can just be about taking few minutes to escape from your life and release yourself from daily stress. It can make your more open to the opportunities around you and even release your creativity.


My favourite app for this is Headspace (Android / iPhone) which gives you a free 10 day starter course, try and do it everyday and see if it makes a difference for you.

Meditation - Headspace